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    5 star review  Mr Joe Jaegar has handled our family’s tax preparation for at least a decade. Year after year, we have returned due to his and his staff’s, streamlined speed and utmost professionalism. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! ~ JZ & MZ

    Mammalian Mia Avatar Mammalian Mia
    February 24, 2018

    5 star review  Kari is great!! First time filing my taxes alone and it was quick and easy! will be going to her every year from now on!

    Becka Egley Avatar Becka Egley
    February 3, 2018

    5 star review  

    Craig Walkenbach Avatar Craig Walkenbach
    January 20, 2018

    5 star review  Kari was very professional and friendly. She helped me figure thIngs out and put my mind at ease! Her price was very reasonable! I would highly recommend her to prepare your taxes!!

    Rita Helvey Avatar Rita Helvey
    July 26, 2017

    5 star review  

    Becky Trabue Avatar Becky Trabue
    March 31, 2017

    5 star review  Kari is an all around professional and makes the process easy, understandable, and even enjoyable. She made us feel as if she had our best interest at heart and took the time to explain each meticulous part of filing so we knew our best options. My family highly recommends Advanced Tax Solutions, and this family owned business will treat your taxes as their own.

    Danyale Bryant Avatar Danyale Bryant
    March 11, 2017

    5 star review  Kari and her mom are the best! Super friendly, easy and quick process, and a reasonable price to file your taxes. Could not ask for more! See you next tax season!

    Dylan R. Bryant Avatar Dylan R. Bryant
    March 11, 2017

    5 star review  Highly recommend this place. Friendly & very trustworthy.

    Linda Smith Ayala Avatar Linda Smith Ayala
    January 23, 2017

    5 star review  Great Business in the Ozarks Area! Tax season is right around the corner!

    Bagnell Geeks Avatar Bagnell Geeks
    January 4, 2017


Advanced Tax Solutions saved my husband and I from over a quarter of a million dollars in payroll tax and trust fund recovery penalties. Thanks to their hard work, we were able to keep our home and our small retirement incomes. They didn’t stop there. From time to time we still get letters requesting information and they are always there to help us.

Jefferson City, MO

Advanced Tax Solutions got back over $40,000 for me that the IRS had taken in tax refunds and wage garnishments. They were not only able to stop the IRS from collecting on my wife’s trust fund penalty, with the injured spouse claim, but they also actually got my money back.

Columbia, MO

Your company had done more for me in one month, than the nation-wide company I was working with had accomplished in over a year. Thanks for stopping my wage levy and helping me battle the IRS while getting my taxes prepared and filed.

Jefferson City, MO

I can’t believe we were in such a mess with our sales tax issues, payroll tax issues and all right in the middle of an economic downturn! Your tax advice and business advice helped us tremendously! We took our business a new direction with your help, and are not only able to keep our doors open, but business has picked up and we are able to not only maintain our current reports and liabilities, but are able to pay down our past due balance. Thank you so much for all you’ve done!

Jefferson City, MO

We had more IRS liability than we had assets, and there were liens on everything! We didn’t know what to do, but had to do something. My husband and I just want to thank you for helping us structure the sale of our business and our assets and for helping us temporarily get our tax liens lifted. It not only helped us, but made the IRS happy, and we’ve been able to move on with our lives.

Columbia, MO


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A devastating divorce and a failed business left a toll on my life. I hadn’t filed a tax return for ten years. I didn’t know the IRS had prepared substitute returns and began collection procedures until a revenue officer left her card on the door of my home. Now remarried and at the helm of a great new job, I knew I had to clear up this mess quickly. Advanced Tax Solutions got me into compliance by filing all of my old federal and Missouri tax returns, saving me over $64,000! They have worked diligently to reduce my tax liability and helped me figure out the best remedy to resolve my manageable state and federal tax liabilities.

St. Louis, MO

The IRS assessed over $30,000 additional tax on my 2008 return. I tried to handle it myself until they demanded I enter into an installment agreement with a monthly payment there was no way I could afford. After contacting Advanced Tax Solutions, they amended my 2008 federal and state tax returns, and saved me over $19,000 in tax liability, interest and penalties.

Kansas City, MO

I hadn’t filed my tax returns since sometime in the nineties. I had moved to Panama and became disabled. The IRS began taking nearly fifty percent of my Social Security Disability check and my family had very little money to survive on. I found out my case was close to becoming a criminal case so I couldn’t even come back into the states to visit my daughter and grandchildren. With Jim Jaegers’ help, my tax returns have all been filed, my payments reduced down to just 15 percent of my check, and more importantly, my ability to come visit my grandchildren has been restored.

Panama de Panama

I had defaulted on my payments to the IRS several times in the past, so when they garnished my wages I figured there was no way I could ever get the garnishment lifted. Advanced Tax Solutions was recommended by an acquaintance. I didn’t have the money to hire a huge law firm, so I gave Advanced Tax a call. They worked with me on a payment plan, helped get my garnishment lifted, and an installment agreement in place with the IRS in an amount I can afford and stick to.

St. Louis, MO

I lost my state license as a real estate appraiser because I hadn’t filed tax returns in many years. The IRS had filed substitute returns and was filing liens on me to try to collect on the liability. Advanced Tax Solutions got to work right away to get my returns filed and get my state license back for me!

St. Louis, MO

You and your staff were so courteous and helpful in taking care of my tax problems. I plan to contact you again every year to help prepare my taxes!

Kansas City, MO

By the time I received my notice from the licensing board that I had thirty days to clear up my Missouri tax returns, my time was almost up! You went above and beyond to help me get my returns filed, payment agreements made, and saved my state license as a practicing physician and teacher. Thank you for your dedication and follow-up!

St. Louis, MO

Interest and penalties wouldn’t stop on my tax liability, and it continued to grow faster than I could pay it down. Advanced Tax Solutions helped me submit an Offer In Compromise, and successfully saved me close to $10,000, 85 percent of my liability! My fiancé agreed to marry me, and I was able to have a fresh start with the woman I loved, and even purchase a home once the tax lien was lifted.

Kansas City, KS


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Jim and staff, I appreciate all your help in resolving our Missouri tax liability issue. You were amazing at getting the IRS to open up old years to correct our adjusted gross income amount. That was the only way we could get Missouri Department of Revenue to accept our filed tax returns! Without your perseverance, we would still be paying into a bottomless pit!

St. Louis, MO

Our heartfelt appreciation to you and the staff at Advanced Tax Solutions! Thank you for your quick response in getting our tax returns filed for both federal and state. Your timely efforts saved my nursing license and my job! Thanks so much!

Springfield, MO

When I lost my job, I thought we could cash out my 401(K) and live on that. Although I was careful to have them hold out taxes, I didn’t realize there would be so much in penalties for early withdrawal, and I ended up having to use the money we set aside for state taxes to live on when the economy didn’t pick up. After trying to help myself, I determined I could get nowhere by myself. I am so glad my wife and I contacted you. You were able to halt the collections, by getting me on uncollectible status. It may not have seemed like much to you, but it gave me peace of mind to know they weren’t going to come knock on my door or empty my bank account of what little money I had. Thank you for that!

Springfield, MO

Thanks for your help in dealing with the Kansas Department of Revenue. I was lost in all their requests and procedures to get my tax liability to the correct amount. All I wanted to do was pay what I owe. Thanks to your firm, I was able to cut through all the red tape, and move forward with my life.

Kansas City, KS

I really messed up when I prepared my tax return on my home computer based ax software program, and ended up being audited. Thank you for working on my side to protect me in the audit. I didn’t know what to say or do and I sure didn’t need tax fraud charges and additional tax liability!

St. Louis, MO

I was so embarrassed to ask for help, after going so long without filing. I knew I had to ask for help, but kept putting it off. After much contemplation, I began calling around, and felt intimidated by the larger companies. They wanted to scare me into hiring them by saying the IRS could come knocking on my door in the middle of the night and drag my family out of bed. When I called your office, I was greeted with a warm and friendly voice on the other end that seemed to understand my predicament, and offered a helping hand. In my fragile state of mind, you guided me through a difficult time with your respect, kindness and knowledge. I appreciate all you’ve done for me.

St. Louis, MO

I know you’re not into marriage counseling, but our tax issues were placing such a burden on our family; my wife and I fought all of the time. She never really brought out the “D” word, but told me to get it taken care of or else. You helped me through our tax situation, educated us both along the way, and helped save my marriage. Thanks so much!

St. Louis, MO


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